NABCB Accredited Greenhouse as Validation and Verification Bodies
DNV Business Assurance India Pvt. Ltd.
Address Equinox Business Park, Tower 3, 3rd Floor, Mumbai - 400070, Maharashtra, India
Contact Person Ms. Anjana Sharma

Head Sustainability




Email ID
Accreditation Cert. No.. GH 006
Valid From 01 December 2023
Valid Upto 30 November 2026
Accreditation Standard ISO/IEC 17029:2019, ISO 14065:2020, ISO 14066:2011 & ISO 14064-3:2019
Scopes of Accreditation
Activity Standard/ Scheme Sector/ Criteria

Validation/ Verification

ISO14064-2:2019 / VERRA VCS Scheme V4.4

1. Energy Industries (renewable/non-renewable sources)
2. Energy Distribution
3. Energy Demand
4. Manufacturing industries
5. Chemical Industries
6. Construction
7. Transport
8. Metal production
9. Fugitive emissions from fuels (solid, oil and gas) 10. Waste Handling and Disposal [corresponding to Manure Management of VCS Scheme] 11. Afforestation and Reforestation 12. Agriculture

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