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NABCB is the acronym for National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies. NABCB is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India (QCI).
NABCB is the acronym for National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies. NABCB is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India (QCI).
The primary role of NABCB is to assess and accredit Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) that provide conformity assessment services i.e., certification, inspection, and validation & verification. NABCB ensures that these CABs meet the required standards and criteria for impartiality, competence, and reliability.
    Obtaining NABCB accreditation offers several benefits, such as:
  • Facilitating Global Trade
  • Assurance of Technical Competency, Reliability, and Integrity of CABs
  • Customer confidence & satisfaction
  • Minimizes risks, Saves time and cost
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Marketing advantage & Increased business
  • International Recognition through mutual recognition arrangements
    • Stages of accreditation includes:
  • Application for Accreditation
  • Document Review
  • Office Assessment
  • Witness Assessment
  • Decision by Accreditation Committee
  • Issue of Accreditation Certificate
  • The duration of the accreditation process can vary depending on how closely the CABs comply with the requirements of standards. Generally, the process may take 4-5 months to complete, including the time required for document review, on-site assessment, evaluation, and decision-making.
    The accreditation costs depend on the annual turnover of the legal entity. For further information, please visit the NABCB website at
    NABCB does not have a regulatory role. However, many regulators such as CDSCO, FSSAI, PNGRB, etc. rely on NABCB accredited conformity assessment bodies.
    Holding NABCB accreditation does not guarantee the performance of a conformity assessment body. However, NABCB accreditation indicates that the CAB will maintain a particular level of conformity and integrity.
    Accreditation is a third-party attestation related to conformity assessment bodies conveying a formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks i.e., certification, inspection, testing, etc. Whereas Certification is the procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process, system, or person conforms to specified requirements.
    To find NABCB-accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), please visit our website at:
    NABCB is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (Association of Accreditation Bodies Worldwide), International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), and Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (association of Accreditation Bodies in the Asia-Pacific Region) and signatory to their MRAs/MLAs which facilitates the international equivalence and acceptance of accredited conformity assessment services.
    NABCB is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India, an autonomous body under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
    NABCB offers various accreditation schemes, including Management Systems, Product Certification, Personnel Certification, Inspection, and Validation & Verification. For further information, please visit our website at:
  • Operated the certification/inspection/validation & verification process and activities for at least 6 months. In case the same is not implemented, NABCB competent authority may accept the deviation based on the justification provided
  • Granted at least two certifications/reports/validation & verification for which it is seeking accreditation.
  • Carried out a minimum of one internal audit against the applicable criteria of accreditation including one management review.
  • Yes, you can apply for multiple accreditations. For further information, please visit our website at:
    There are many Regulators relying on NABCB such as FSSAI, CDSCO, PNGRB, DGCA, BEE, DGFT, DGQA, NAAC, etc.

    Yes, NABCB is organizing a public forum every Wednesday from 4 – 5 PM where individuals can ask general queries. You can access the forum at the weblink: NABCB Public Forum

    The complaint shall be made in writing (by any means such as letter/ email etc.) to the CEO, NABCB with complete details of the complainant (name, address, organization, etc.) and a description of the complaint with supporting information/documents as relevant and necessary. For further information, please visit our website at:
    NABCB have the right to withdraw/suspend the accreditation if the accredited CAB does not take suitable corrective action to the satisfaction of the NABCB. Please refer BCB 201 – NABCB Accreditation procedure for more information.

    You can write to NABCB at to verify the authenticity of certificate issued under NABCB accreditation.

    You can visit to NABCB website at: to verify the validity of the accredited CABs.
    In the case of initial accreditation, the validity period is three years, while in the case of re-accreditation, the validity period is extended to four years.
    NABCB accreditation is acknowledged by scheme owners including FAMI-QS, FSSC 22000, GSA-BAP, Global GAP, Verra, IFS, BRC, CORSIA, PEFC, SERI, and others.
    NABCB has a policy to deal with request for transfer of accreditation from a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) accredited with other IAF MLA and/or ILAC MRA Signatory Accreditation Body (AB) to NABCB accreditation scheme for which NABCB is also IAF MLA and/or ILAC MRA Signatory, or vice-versa.
    Food, Textile, Wood, Chemical, Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Gas Supply, Public Administration, Education and many more.
    NABCB is an accreditation body which provides accreditation services rather than certification. Instead you may reach out to NABCB accredited conformity assessment bodies at
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