Benefits of Accreditation

Facilitating Global Trade

Multilateral arrangements between national accreditation bodies support to make accreditation an internationally-recognized means of system of approval to demonstrate compliance against agreed standards and requirements. This helps in providing confidence and helps in development of robust framework on which to further develop and enhance Government-to-Government(G2G) bilateral and multilateral international trade agreements.

Regulators and Government Organizations

Regulators and Government bodies require level of confidence in the products/services which they regulate/approve. Since accreditation assures technical competence, Regulators can rely on accreditation and prescribe Third-party NABCB accredited conformity assessment. Accreditation often helps to improve harmonization within national regulatory and legislative structures across the country. Some of the Regulator/Government bodies who rely on NABCB accreditation are PNGRB, FSSAI, DGCA, DGQA, BIS, BEE.

Competitive Edge

NABCB accreditation demonstrates credible evidence of conformance with national and international standards and regulations which supports the accredited organization to differentiate business from its competitors.

Harmonization of processes to bridge standards and conformity assessment

Implementation of NABCB accreditation supports conformity assessment bodies in harmonization of their processes and implementation of standards. It also helps in continual improvements.

Risk Management and Higher level of Quality Assurance

Conformity assessment bodies are assessed according to international standards having requirement for carrying out Risk Analysis. This ensures in delivery of quality services by accredited bodies.

Continual Improvement

NABCB accreditation supports in strengthening quality system as there are periodic assessments to ensure competence and system implementation. Accreditation helps in increase of choice and range of goods & services available in the market and ensures that these meet relevant standards of quality and safety.

Confidence and Trust

Government, Industry and Consumers recognize the credibility & reliability in use of NABCB accredited conformity assessment services as it provides level of trust, assurance to the product/processes.
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