NABCB grants accreditation to inspection bodies as per requirements of international standard ISO/IEC 17020: “Conformity assessment – Requirements for the various types of bodies performing inspection”. NABCB holds mutual recognition with International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) allowing acceptance of inspection reports across different countries under this arrangement.

Inspection body accreditation is a formal means of demonstrating the technical competence of the inspection body to perform specific types of inspections, thereby providing a ready means for the customers to gain confidence in the quality of inspection services they will receive. Inspection aims at demonstrating the safety and functionality of the inspected target. Typical examples of inspected targets include boilers, pressure vessels, transformers, oil and gas sectors, machinery and equipment, food processes.
NABCB accredits inspection bodies based on three categories Type A, B and C. The type is specified based on the interdependence between the inspection body and the target of the inspection. Inspection bodies that are independent and impartial third-party operators are categorized under Type A. Type B inspection bodies perform inspections only for their own organization or an organization belonging to the same legal entity. In case of Type C bodies, they can perform inspections on both their own organization and external organizations.

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