What is NABCB?

What is the objective of NABCB?

What is accreditation?

Why is accreditation needed?

What is the structure of NABCB?

What are the accreditation schemes offered by NABCB now?

How does NABCB obtain its finances and wht is the fee structure for accreditation?

How does NABCB ensures that its accreditation is recognized worldwide?

How can a company not satisfied with the Certification Body, complain against it?

How can a customer complain against an ISO Certified Company?


What is accreditation?

Is accreditation mandatory?

How does a new organization get accredited for inspection body program?

What are the stages of accreditation process?

How long does the accreditation process take?

What are main steps where accreditation process gets delayed?

What are main clauses of ISO/IEC 17020 which require special care?

What is the total cost in the process?

What are the benefits of accreditation?

Who supports if there is are issues faced during process of preparation?

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