“Global competitiveness in the changing global knowledge economy calls for expansion and right-sizing of the Research and Development base of the country”:

RACB is a newly created division and its objective of inception is attributed to cater new opportunities for QCI as well as for various boards in the relevant fields which have potential for future exploitation. The aim also refers to new tools and practices for business diversification, CSR, collaboration, process building in assessment & certification along with organization of workshops/seminars on the topics relevant to the organization’s activities.

Through this division, QCI and its constituent boards may facilitate in-house projects, sponsored projects, collaborative research projects as well as consultancy works in the organization.  RACB may look ahead and take the responsibility to record and regulate the organizational research work relevant to the diversification of business in-house. The division may also refer to the activities that QCI and its various boards undertake to innovate and introduce as new proposals and services. It is imperative that the division will work usually not with the expectation of immediate profit, however, it is expected to contribute to the long-term profitability of the QCI. The division is working to lead activities through filing patents, copyrights, and trademarks as new IPR for projects. It is expected to ensure capacity building in various areas including technology, research and social needs to enhance quality in sectors of interest. The division is exploring needful efforts to cater projects in the field of education, sports, research, environment, industry and social services in coming years leading to significant recognition inside and outside the organization.  

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