TEST-St. Petersberg Co. Ltd.
QM 075
TEST-St. Petersberg Co. Ltd.
Address St. Petersburg, 10-th Krasnoarmeyskaya st. 22, Business center "Kellerman", 4-th floor, 190103, St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Contact Person Ms. Anna Avramenko
Designation Head of MS CB
Email ID annaavramenko@mail.ru
Valid From 02 May 2023 (Effective date of Transfer of accreditation from ACCREDIA (Certificate No. 0097MS)
Valid Upto 28 May 2024
Accreditation Standards ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and ISO/IEC 17021-3:2017
Scopes of accreditation
IAF Scope Description
02 Mining and Quarrying
03 Food products, beverages and tobacco
04 Textiles and textile products
07 Pulp, paper, and paper products
08 Publishing Companies
09 Printing companies
10 Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
12 Chemicals, chemical products and fibres
14 Rubber and plastic products
15 Non-metallic mineral products
16 Concrete, cement, lime, plaster etc.
17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products
18 Machinery and equipment
19 Electrical and optical equipment
20 Shipbuilding
22 Other transport equipment
23 Manufacturing not elsewhere classified
28 Construction
29 Wholesale & retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and Personal and household goods
31 Transport, storage and communication
33 Information technology
34 Engineering services
35 Other services
36 Public Administration
37 Education
38 Health and social work
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