Certification of Persons
PR 010
Certification and Inspection Body (CIB), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL)
Address Quality Assurance Laboratory, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Sewree “K” Installation, Sewree Fort Road, Sewree (E), Mumbai - 400015, Maharashtra, India
Contact Person Mr. R Subramanian
Designation Certification Director
Tel +91- 22 - 24117911
Fax +91- 22 - 24117911
Email ID subramanianr@bharatpetroleum.in
Website www.bharatpetroleum.in
Valid From 28 June 2022
Valid Upto 27 June 2025
Accreditation Standards ISO/IEC 17024:2012
Scopes of accreditation
Certification Scheme Standards, Normative Documents and/or Regulatory Requirements, as applicable Industry Sectors, as relevant Categories / Levels for Certification of Persons
Quality Curator Certification Scheme for Retail Locations, Version 5, March 2022 BPCL Document (IQCM) Industry Quality Control Manual-2019 Petroleum Sector- Retail Locations Only One Category / Level for Certification of Persons
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