NABCB Accredited Inspection Bodies
Northern India Textile Research Association
Address Sector 23, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh- 201002, India
Contact Person Mr. Sanjeev Shukla
Designation Principal Scientific Officer
Tel +91-120-2807390-95, 0120-2783586 /592/638
Fax -
Email ID
Accreditation Cert. No.. IB 068
Valid From 28 February 2020
Valid Upto 27 Feb 2027
Accreditation Standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012
Type of Inspection Body Type A
Scopes of Accreditation

Field of Inspection

Type and Range of Inspection

Standards / Regulations / Methods / Procedures

Number identification with year of publication


IAF Scope 04 Yarn
Ring Spun Cotton and Blended yarn

Final Inspection for quality compliance

IS 171 :1993

IS 834 : 1993

IS 7866 :1993

Ring Spun Grey cotton yarn for weaving- Spec, SOP -01 to 06

Ring Spun Grey Cotton Yarn for Hoisery-Spec, SOP -01 to 06

Ring Spun Polyester blended Grey Yarn -Spec, SOP01-06

All Types of fabric

Final inspection for quality compliance

S/5432/PW/TC/-19(a), 2002

S/5439/PW/TC/19(a) -2002, IS 8331:1992 & MHA approved spec.

MHA Approved spec. ,2013

IND/TC/0050(c ), 2002

MHA approved Spec.,2013

MHA approved Spec.,2013

MHA approved Spec, 2013, IS 2319 :2003

MHA approved Spec, 2013

S/6252/A/TC-6 ,1986

Prov/OCFAv/fabric/001(a), 2008

IS 1895 :1982

Specification for Serge Battle Dress, SOP-01to06

Spec. for Shirting Angola drab Poly Wool, SOP-01 to 06

Spec. of Cloth NYCO disruptive Pattern for CoBRA,SOP-01to06

Specification for Polyester cotton fabric disruptive pattern, SOP-01to06

Spec for dope dyed Polyester viscose uniform cloth, SOP-01to06

Specification for shirt angola cloth, SOP-01to06

Specification for "Trouser BD Serge", SOP-01to06

Specification for VIP uniform cloth, SOP-01to06

Specification for PVC coated FR Treated polyester fabric, SOP-01to06

Cloth polyester cotton (20/80) 250 GSM disruptive printed, SOP-01to06

Specification of Cotton Tape Newar, SOP-01to06

Made ups and Garment
like Towel
Drawer Cotton
Socks Woollen
Beret Cap
Ruck Sack
Cap Comforter
Vest Cotton
Under pant Thermal
Vest Thermal
Hand Gloves Knitted
Coat Parka
Coat Combat Disruptive
Rain Cap
T- Shirt
Cap FS dis pattern
Light Wt Sleeping Bag
Kit Bag Universal
Mosquito Net

Final inspection for quality compliance

MHA approved Spec.,2013


MHA Approved Spec.,2013

MHA Approved Spec ,2013


MHA Approved Spec., 2013

MHA Approved ,2013

MHA Approved Spec, 2013

MHA Approved Spec, 2013

MHA Approved, 2013

MHA Approved Spec, 2013

MHA Approved Spec, 2013

AIR/DQAS/AK-017, 2017

MHA Approved Spec, 2013

MHA Approved Spec, 2013

MHA Approved spec, 2013

MHA Approved Spec, 2017

JSS 8405-25 : 2010

MHA Approved Spec, 2014

IS 12840:1989

IS 9886:1990;
IS 1431:1973

Specification for Cotton Terry Towel , SOP-01to06

Specification for Jersey Woollen "V"Neck dyed , SOP-01to06

Specification for organic Cotton socks , SOP-01to06

Specification for Short drawer cotton white, SOP-01to06

Specification for Socks woolen Khaki, SOP-01to06

Specification for Beret cap, SOP-01to06

QRs/ Specification of Rucksack 85 L, SOP-01to06

Specification for Cap Comforter Woollen, SOP-01to06

Spec for Scoured and Bleached Rib Knit Round Neck Sleeveless and short sleeve vest, SOP-01to06

Specification for Underpant Thermal, SOP-01to06

Specification for Vest thermal, SOP-01to06

Specification for Hand Gloves Knitted, SOP-01to06

Specification for Blanket, SOP-01to06

Specification of coat Parka, SOP-01to06

Specification of coat Combat, SOP-01to06

Specification of Rain Cap, SOP-01to06

Specification of t-shirt Round Neck dis pattern, SOP-01to06

JS Specification for CAP FS Disruptive pattern, SOP-01to06

Specification of light weight Sleeping Bag, SOP-01to06

Specification for Kit Bag universal, SOP-01to06

Mosquito Nets & Spec. for Cotton Mosquito netting RM, SOP-01to06

PPE Medical Coverall

Final Product Inspection for quality compliance, report review as per product specifications

DGFT Trade Notice No. 18/2020-21 dated 20.07.2020 and customer specifications

Criteria for export of PPE Medical Coveralls for COVID-19 [Certification for ISO 16603:2004 / ISO 16604:2004]

The following offices of  Northern India Textile Research Association




Key activities performed


Main office

Sector 23, Raj nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh- 201002

Top management functions, quality management system functions, administration & accounts, other key activities as applicable to main office.

Inspection contract review, Inspection planning & execution, Inspection personnel authorization & assignment, Issue of inspection reports / certificates.

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