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Accreditation Cert. No.. IB 014
Valid From 25 February 2013
Valid Upto 24 February 2024
Accreditation Standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012
Type of Inspection Body Type A
Scopes of Accreditation

Field of Inspection

Type and Range of Inspection

Standards / Regulations / Methods / Procedures

Number identification
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IAF Scope 17
Tubes, pipes, fittings

Visual, dimensional, surface preparation and surface protection inspection, witnessing of chemical and mechanical tests, NDT, etc, TC reviews

IS 3601:2006

IS 1161:2014

IS 1239 Part 2:2012

Steel Tubes for Mechanical and General Engineering purpose-specifications

Steel Tubes for Structural purposes-specifications

Steel Tubes ,tubulars &other steel pipe fittings--specifications

Cold drawn bars/Cold rolled strips

As per QAP

Hot rolled Structural steels


Hot rolled medium and high tensile structural steel-specifications

Steel and Iron casting

IS 1030:1998

Carbon Steel Castings for general engineering purposes--specifications

High Tensile steel castings

IS 2644:1994

High Strength Steel Castings for general engineering and structural purposes--specifications

Iron castings

IS 1865:1991

Iron Castings with spheroidal or nodular graphite--specifications

Grey iron castings

IS 210:2009

Grey iron castings--specifications

Aluminium bronze castings

IS 305:1981

Specification for Aluminium bronze Ingots and castings

Phosphorous bronze castings

IS 28:1985

Specification for Phosphor bronze ingots and castings

Pressed steel forgings

IS 3479:1966

General requirements for steel drop, upset 7press forgings

Carbon steel forged products

IS 2004:2001

Carbon steel Forgings for structural Engineering purposes


IS 1367:part 1--2002

IS 1364: part 1 to 6--2002

Threaded steel fasteners

Hex Head Bolts, screws&nuts of product grades A &B


Visual and dimensional inspection, performance witnessing,TC review

IS 7906-Part 1 to 8:1975/1997

Helical compression spring-specification for cold coiled springs made from circular section wire & bars

Metal structures and part of structures, reservoirs, fabricated items, steam generators etc.

Visual,dimensional,NDT,Hydro tests,TC review etc.

ASME Section II,V,IX

ASME Section II -Materials
ASME Section V-Non-destructive testing
ASME Section IX -Welding and brazing qualification

Welded tanks

API 650:2007

Welded tanks for oil storage

IAF Scope 18

Visual,Dimensional,NDT,Performance witnessing,TC reviews etc.

IS 6595-Part 1:2002

API -610

Horizontal centrifugal pumps for clear, cold water specifications

Centrifugal pumps for petrochemical and Natural gas applications


IS 9890:2003


API 598

API 609

Specification for general purpose ball valves

Butterfly valves general purpose

Valve inspection and testing

Butterfly valves-double flanged, lug and wafer type

Specification for pipe line valves

Gears and Gear Boxes

AGMA 6011

API 613
Specification for High Speed helical gear units

Special purpose gear units for petroleum , chemical and gas industry services

Steam Turbines

As per customer QAPs.

Heat Exchangers

TEMA Tubular Exchange Manufacturers Association Stds

Cranes and hoists

IS 3177:2004

IS 807:2006
Code of practice for electric overhead travelling cranes & gantry cranes other than steel work cranes

Design, erection and testing (structural parts) of cranes & Hoists-code of practice

IAF Scope 19

LT/HT Motors

Visual,dimensional,routine test and performance test witnessing,type test witnessing,document review

IS 325:2011

IS 12615:2011

IS 4722:1968
Three phase Ind Motors-Specifications

Energy Efficient Motors

Specification for AC Motors


IS 2026:2011

IS 11171:2001

IS 2705:2002

IS 16227-2:2016

IS 16227-3:2015

IS 3156:2002
Power transformers-Part 1-10

Specifications for dry type power transformers

Current transformers-Part 1-4

Current Transformers

Voltage Transformers

Voltage transformers-Part 1-4


IS 7098-Part 1:2008 Specification for crosslinked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cables
IS 7098-Part 2:2011 Crosslinked polyethylene insulated thermoplastic sheathed cables—specifications For working voltages from 3.3 kv up to and including 33 kv
GC/SOP/INSP/06 Standard Operating Procedure for Inspection of Bagged Cargo during Export Operation
IS 7098-Part 3:1993 Crosslinked polyethylene insulated thermoplastic sheathed cables—specifications For working voltages from 66 kv upto and including 220 kv
IS 1554-Part 1&2 Specification for PVC insulated (heavy duty) electric cables


IS 8130:2001

IS 398:1999
Specification for conductors for insulated electric cables &flexible cords

Aluminium conductors

Bus bars

Visual and dimensional inspection,TC reviews

IS 8084:2002

Specification for interconnecting bus bars for AC voltage above 1 kv up to & inclusive ,36 kv

Switch gears, Control Panels, relay panels

Visual,dimensional,functional test witnessing,TC reviews

IS 8623:1993

Specifications for low voltage Switchgear & control gear assemblies-
Part1-Requirements for type tested and partially type tested assemblies

Part3-Perticular requirements for equipment's where unskilled person have access for their use


IS 9920-1985

Alternating current switches for voltage above 1000V


Visual,dimensional,performance witnessing,TC review etc.

IS 731:2001

Specification for insulators for overhead power lines with nominal voltage greater than 1000v


Visual,dimensional,performance test witnessing,Type test witnessing ,TC reviews etc.

IS 10918:2003

IS 15549:2005

IS 13369:1992

Specification for vented type nickel cadmium batteries

Stationary Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries

Stationary Lead Acid Batteries

AC Generators

Visual,dimensional,performance test witnessing,TC reviews etc.


IEC 60034

Specification for Insulation Resistance

Specification for winding resistance

Distribution system

Visual, dimensional and functional test witnessing

IS 8792:2006

Line traps for AC Power systems


Visual,dimensional,performance test witnessing,TC reviews etc.

IEC 61800

Power drive systems

IAF Scope 21
Shroud and cone components

In-process/final inspection-Visual/Dimensional

Customer provided drawings/ Client QAP


Landing gear mechanism components-cylinder and piston




Aircraft Engine Comp;

In process -Final inspection-metrology and visual inspection, NDE




In process -Final inspection-metrology and visual inspection, NDE, riiging checks, CG determination, symmetry



LRU's- mechanical

Chassis clearance, thread insert installation, fasteners

Drawings & QAP of customer


LRU's-Electrical &Electronics

PCB Clearance, wiring, potting and conformal coating ,looming, functional test, ESS ,EMI,EMC



Aerospace Machined Components &assembly

Stage and Final-visual, metrology, NDE



lic& composite parts

In process Inspection ,post curing inspection, metrology inspection, NDE



IAF Scope 22
Railway wagons

Stage and Final Inspection consisting of MTC review, visual and dimensional inspection,NDT witnessing,camber,riveting and hugg bolting inspection,surface preparation and painting inspection

QM-G-7.1-4-Version 1.1

RDSO Guidelines

IAF Scope 26
Gas Supply

26 B(iii) of NABCB Sub-sector categorization document BCB 503 (O&G) Gas Supply- CGD

26 A(iii) of NABCB Sub-sector categorization document BCB 503 (O&G) Gas Supply- NGPL

Stage-wise/ In-service

Stage-wise / In-service

PNGRB's GSR 612(E) dated 27.08.2008 along with latest amendments, national/ international standards mentioned therein and relevant statutes

PNGRB's GSR 808(E) dated 11.11.2009 along with latest amendments, national/ international standards mentioned therein and relevant statutes

PNGRB's "Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Network" Regulations, 2008

PNGRB's "Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for Natural Gas Pipelines" Regulations, 2009

IAF Scope 28 Construction

  • Site Preparation (45.1)
  • Test drilling & boring (45.12)
  • Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil Engineering (45.2)
  • General construction of buildings and civil Engineering works (45.21)
  • Erection of roof covering and frames (45.22)
  • Construction of roads (45.23)
  • Other construction work involving special trades (45.25)
  • Plumbing (45.33) Building Completion (45.4)

In process/ stage wise/ final inspection







IS456: 2016

IS2386: 2016

IS383: 2016

IS1077: 2016

IS3495: 2016

IS269: 2015


IS1489: 2015

Methods of test for soils

High Strength deformed steel bars and wires for concrete reinforcement

Code of Practice for Bending and Fixing of Bars for Concrete

Rolling and cutting tolerances for hot rolled steel products

Design and construction of pile foundations code of practice part 1 concrete piles section 1

Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete

Plain and Reinforced Concrete - Code of Practice

Methods of Test for Aggregates for Concrete - Part I : Particle Size and Shape

Coarse and Fine Aggregate for Concrete

Common Burnt Clay Building Bricks - Specification

Methods of tests of burnt clay building bricks

Ordinary Portland Cement - Specification

Methods of physical tests for hydraulic cement

Portland Pozzolana Cement - Specification

Portland Slag Cement - Specification
Customer requirements in the form of QAP etc. and Technical procedures which are generally based on National and International Codes and Standards (or any equivalent standard)

IAF Scope 31a(iii) of NABCB Sub-sector categorization document BCB 503 (O&G)
Petroleum & Petroleum Products pipeline

Stage-wise/ In-service

GSR Infra/T4S/P&PPPL/ 01/2014 Dt 12.02.2016 along with latest amendments, National, International standards mentioned therein and relevant statutes

PNGRB's "Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for Petroleum & Petroleum Products pipelines” Regulations-2016

The following offices of Quality Evaluation & Systems Team Pvt. Ltd. is/are included under accreditation




Key activities performed


Head office

Marudeva Enclave,
No: 211, 3rd floor, 5th cross, 9th main, Jayanagar 2nd Block, Near Ashoka Pillar, Bangalore-560011

Top management functions, quality management functions, administration & accounts. Key activities as applicable to head office. Marketing, contract review, planning for inspection & nomination of inspection personnel, conduct of inspection, issuance of inspection report and inspection certificate.

02 Branch Office - Kolkata

Shankar Bhavan,
Block-O, House No.: 3, 1/3, Baishnabghata patuli Township, P.O.: B.P.Township, P.S.: Patuli, Kolkata - 7000094, W.B.

Marketing, contract review, planning for inspection & nomination of inspection personnel, conduct of inspection, issuance of inspection report and inspection certificate.

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