NABCB Accredited Inspection Bodies
Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Warship Equipment)
Address Jalahalli Camp Road, Yeshwanthpur Post, Bengaluru – 560022, Karnataka, India
Contact Person Mr. Sunil Kumar
Designation Senior Scientific Officer – II
Tel +91– 80-28381760
Email ID
Accreditation Cert. No.. IB 119
Valid From 01 December 2023
Valid Upto 30 November 2026
Accreditation Standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012
Type of Inspection Body Type B
IAF Scope / Field of Inspection and Specific Item(s) Stage and Range of Inspection(s) Inspection Requirement(s)Standards / Regulations / Methods / Procedures
Number identification with year of publication Title
IAF Scope 19a Electrical Equipment
Electrical/ Electronic Equipment of Indian Navy” Major system are as follows: – Stage/Final Inspection Regulations: –
a. RADAR- (LRSAM, MF STAR, LYNX, FCS) (i) DGQA, Dec 2010/ DQA(N), 23 Aug 2016/ CQAE(WE), 19 Aug 2014 Technical Standing Orders {general overview of inspection} issued by head of the organization/ directorate/ establishment.
b. SONAR- (HUMSA, USHUS ) (ii) QAD-R02, 27 Jul 22 Quality Assurance Document (QAD) Revision-02 {detailed procedure for the inspection of Naval Equipment} issue by DQA(N) New Delhi
c. COMMUNICATION – (ACCS, CCS, ICS, SDN, SDR- NC/ TAC, LINK-II MOD- III) (iii) DQA(N) Policy guideline, from Jun 2013 Policy issued on Environmental Testing / Qualification Testing / Environmental Stress Screening/ Burn in/Endurance Testing/NSS or any other QA subject.
d. Other Equipment- SICADS, HDCS, SWISS, PDDS, 3D- ASR, ICCP, LED Lights etc. (iv) JSG-0824, Nov 2022 Comprehensive Quality Assurance Guide (CQAG) issued by Directorate of Standardization (MoD) for Defence electrical equipment.
(i) JSS-55555- Revision-3, 2012/ Revision-4, 2020 Environmental Test Methods- Electrical and Electronic Equipment issued by Directorate of Standardization(MoD) for defence equipment
(ii) MIL-461 E/F/G, Dec 2015 EMI/EMC Test Methods issued by DoD, USA and adopted by NEC lab Mbi.
(iii) MIL-810 G/H, Jan 2019 Environmental Engineering standard issued by DoD, USA and adopted by DQA(N) New Delhi.
(iv) IEEE- 12207-2, 15 Nov 2017 Software Standard as adopted by Indian Navy
(v) IPC-610/ IPC-6012, Sep 2020 For PCBs assembly/ manufacturing as adopted by DQA(N) New Delhi
(vi) BEL(QS/WS/PS/ DS), Jun 2023 BEL Quality, Workmanship, Process and design standard as adopted by DQA(N) New Delhi.
(vii) IS-10673, 01 Dec 2013 and IS-2500 (pt-1), 2000 Sampling Standard Issued by IS/BIS New Delhi
(viii) JSS-0251- 01, 2022 Technical Documentation standard issued by Joint services specification(MoD), New Delhi
(i) DOP(IS), 31 Oct 2022 Departmental Operating Procedure
(ii) QAP Compendium Version 1.0, 17 Jul 2023 DQA(N) approved Quality Assurance Plan (specific to the system/equipment)
(iii) ATP/QTP/ PTP (for sub-assemblies) Acceptance Test Procedure/ Qualification test procedure/ Production test procedure specific to the sub-assemblies approved by OPA/ IHQ MOD Navy
Location Address Key activities performed
Bengaluru, Karnataka (Main Office)

Jalahalli Camp Road, Yeshwanthpur Post, Bengaluru – 560022, Karnataka, India

Top Management functions, Quality Management System functions, administration & accounts, other key activities.

Inspection contract review, Inspection planning & execution, Inspection personnel authorization & assignment, Issue of inspection reports / certificates.
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