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Please send the filled up form to CEO, NABCB ( ).
If CEO NABCB is a member of the assessment team, the feedback may be sent to Chairman NABCB ( by mail or in a sealed envelope.
A. Quality of assessment :
1. Did you get the assessment programme sufficiently in advance? Yes No
2. Was the assessment carried out as per the programme? Yes No
3. Did the team leader brief you about the methodology of assessment? Yes No
4. Were the issues raised relevant, based on requirements / facts Yes No
5. Did the issues add value in terms of improving the certification/inspection process? Yes No
6. Did the assessment team evaluate your system sufficiently to come to a conclusion? Yes No
Please highlight any key concerns missed out by the team
7. Were all relevant personnel interviewed? Yes No
8. Did the assessment team check relevant records to verify and collect evidence of compliance? Yes No
9. Were the opening and closing meeting conducted professionally? Yes No
10. Was the assessment team impartial and fair in assessment? Yes No
B. Quality of communication :
1. Were your communications replied to promptly? Yes No
2. Did you get sufficient info about the accreditation process before putting in your application for accreditation? Yes No
3. Did you get the audit reports in reasonable time from the date of audit? Yes No

Were you satisfied with the speed of decision making by NABCB?

Yes No
C. General :  
1. What would you suggest that we do differently?
2. Feedback on assessor / technical expert in assessment team
3. Other comments, if any
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