NABCB Accredited Greenhouse as Validation and Verification Bodies
Bureau Veritas India Pvt. Ltd.
Address 72, Business Park, Marol Industrial Area, MIDC Cross Road, �C�, Andheri (East), Mumbai � 400 093, India
Contact Person Mr. Anantha Prabhu

General Manager, Technical, South Asia Region


+91 22 62742000-2


+91 22 62742008

Email ID
Accreditation Cert. No.. GH001
Valid From 08 November 2019
Valid Upto 07 November 2026
Accreditation Standard ISO/IEC 17029:2019, ISO 14065:2020
Scopes of Accreditation
Activity Standard/ Scheme Sector/ Criteria


ISO/IEC 14064-1: 2018 (Verification)

1. Power Generation Electrical Power Transactions

2. General Manufacturing (Physical or Chemical Transformation of materials or substances into new products)

3. Oil and Gas Exploration, Extraction, Production and Refining, and pipeline distribution, including petrochemicals

4. Metal Production,

5. Aluminum Production

6. Mining Mineral Production

7. Chemical Production

8. Transport

9. General (Office and Commercial complex and commercial establishments)

Verification of the emission monitoring report

Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA)

Transport (Aviation):

International Standards and Recommended Practice (SARPS), Environmental Protection – Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA); Annexure 16, Volume IV to Convention on International Civil Aviation; Environmental Technical Manual (Doc 9501), Vol IV- Procedure for demonstrating compliance with CORSIA

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