Food Safety Management Systems
FS 019
Prime Certification and Inspection India Pvt. Ltd.
Address Satya Chandra Arcade, 2nd Floor, 5BC-108, HRBR Lay Out 3rd Block, Kalyan Nagar, bangalore - 560043, India
Contact Person Mr. Shiju Manickan
Designation Group Business Assurance Manager
Email ID
Tel +971 (4) 431 4345
Fax +971 (4) 431 4933
Valid From March 29, 2019
Valid Upto March 28, 2022
Accreditation Standards ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and ISO/TS 22003:2013
Scopes of accreditation
Cluster Category Subcategory
Food and feed processing C Food Manufacturing CI Processing of perishable animal products
CII Processing of perishable plant products
CIII Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products)
CIV Processing of ambient stable products
Catering E Catering
Auxiliary services I Product ion of Food Packaging and Packaging Material
Biochemical K Production of (Bio) Chemicals
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