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NABCB starts accreditation for ISO 29001

NABCB/QCI has decided to undertake accreditation of certification bodies (CBs) for ISO TS 29001 - 2003, Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries -Sector-specific quality management systems - Requirements for product and service supply organizations which would be an addition to the existing QMS accreditation.

CBs would need to apply for addition of ISO 29001 to their existing accreditation with an administrative fee of Rs. 5000/- as prescribed for scope extension in the Accreditation Procedure BCB 201.

There will not be any separate document review - it would be done onsite as part of Office Assessment of 2 mandays.

CBs would need to offer one witness of ISO 29001 audit.

Based on satisfactory reports of the above assessments, NABCB would add ISO 29001 in the scope of accreditation.

You could seek the information listed from any NABCB accredited CB.

If you do not receive a response in a reasonable time" please inform NABCB"