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Guidance to new IB: process and cost

For the purpose of applying for accreditation your organization is required to prepare Quality Manual to address the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020. The relevant procedures and other related documents need to be also prepared from your end. You may then apply in NABCB application form available on our website http://nabcb.qci.org.in. or through NABCB Portal. The same can be viewed by scrolling the Inspection body section and desired document can be downloaded. It would further be required that you submit the other documentation i.eself assessment checklist (available on website) along with applicable fee (available on website).

It is requested that you also review the NABCB criteria (BCB _110_IB) and NABCB Procedure document (BCB_201) prior to applying. BCB_201 also informs about the scope sector where you would be required to submit the application.

You may also like to refer to scope of other accredited inspection bodies from website http://nabcb.qci.org.in/accreditation/reg_bod_inspection_bodies.php

An estimated cost structure for organization with the turnover greater than 5 crore for your reference as per the break up below:

1. Application fees of Rs 2,50,000/- plus 18% GST

2. Cost towards travel, accommodation of assessors deputed for audit. Considering that IB applies for only for one scope sector, there would be two assessors deputed for office assessment and two assessors for witness assessment.

3. Man day cost of assessors. Man day cost would include: a) 3 MD for Document review b) 4 MD for Office assessment (where only one scope sector is applied) c) 2 MD for witness assessment d) 1.5 MD for report review. Approximately 10.5 MD cost would be charged.

Pl note that the man days are dependent on the scope applied and pre-assessment visit is not included as same would be included if requested or if there are gross inadequacies during document review.

The approximate estimation for IBs outside India other than SAARC Countries is mentioned below for your reference.

Estimated Quote for NABCB Accreditation of Inspection Body